Revitalize your business communications with
tools and features to enhance your business for improved growth and success.

Because of our business phone systems, contact center and phone system support businesses have achieved higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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Phone System Support

Business Phone System Support

Business phone systems and desk phones have problems from time to time. Not sure who to call, what questions to ask or how to explain your problem, because you are running your business and supporting your phone system is not your main objective. We can help. 

For instance, we have been taking support calls for business phone systems we don’t sell and have had great success. We know the terminology needed to work with you and your phone system providers to get them working the way you want them too. With block hour support plans you can rest assured that you are only paying for the support you need and when you need it.

Contact us today to discuss your phone system support needs (507)205-4025.

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Let us connect you to your customers.

n2v Solutions LLC is a leader in business phone systems and phone system support. As a result of being certified professionals, we are the go-to partner for your business phone systems solution.

With customers across the US and Canada, our superior phone system support provides resolutions to problems as they arise over and beyond manufacturer support. Our goal is delivering the best possible solution and support for your business.

Contact us today to discuss a phone system solution or phone system support needs. (507)205-4025

It’s All About The Numbers

For instance, 86% of small businesses are considering replacing traditional business phone systems with cloud-based communications.

Because business-class phone services can drastically reduce costs—by up to 40% over traditional phone services.

And that is why you should download our free “TOP FOUR REASONS Why Businesses Should Consider Cloud Communications” white paper and get the answers to those questions and many more.


Our customized business phone system approach works because working closely with you provides you with a solution that fits your business needs. And not a one size fits all solution.

Modernize your business communications

With our platforms, on-site or hosted business phone systems provide the tools and features you need to enhance your business for improved growth and success. Utilize countless options to take your business to the next level with a wide variety of services like Hosted PBX and On-Site PBX to Enhanced SIP Trunking.

Adapts To Your Business Needs

Unified Communications (UC) is the seamless integration of voice, presence, chat, data, applications, and other technologies that help to dramatically improve your communication processes and business productivity. Our business phone systems and services enable you to access your account and seamlessly incorporate our high-value cloud communication services.

Contact Center. Revolutionize Your Business

A cloud-based contact center solution gives businesses of any size the advantage of successfully connecting with customers simply and efficiently. CoreNexa Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) aggregates the tools end-users need to meet their goals and satisfy the needs of their customers.

Does your business need 1 or 500+ Business Phones, Business Phone System, Contact Center Solution or Phone System Support? Contact us today at (507)205-4025 and get started on the path to success.

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Letting us help you gets results.

Successful results directly from our customers because we helped.

“We developed a great partnership with n2v Solutions and their dedication to our VoIP phone system. Their hard work is evident in not only their ability, but all aspects of our hosted phone system. The ease in which it was instrumented and maintained is greatly appreciated. Their attention to detail, friendliness, and approach to low cost, high end service, is truly an asset to any business.”

Corinne Loomis, Beno's Deli

“Since day one, it has been a pleasure working with Lucas and the team at n2v.  Lucas has helped me with many of my Grandstream UCM clients installs and has saved me every single time, but he also taught me what to look for and how to resolve issues when they arise the next time myself.  I do believe that he has the knowledge and the skill-set to assist with any Grandstream UCM rollout and we call him “our secret weapon”.  I couldn’t have found a better company to call for support.”

Kevin DaCosta, Mobil Tech Ltd., Bermuda

“Our VoIP phone system is a feature rich phone system allowing contacts and call routing to be streamlined in the most efficient way possible. No matter if our staff is in the office, at an on-site location or being reached after-hours, n2v made sure the calls are never missed. The excellent support received makes it an easy choice to recommend n2v Solutions for your phone and IT needs.”

Cary Heating & Air Conditioning, LaCrosse WI
“I have worked with Brad on many occasions. He is able to handle the most dificult tasks with ease. He is one the best in the business. He is on time and on budget. When I think IT ,I think of n2v.”
Dave Stoltman, UniquE Communications
“n2v Solutions has provided us with excellent service. Working with them has been an experience that has produced necessary results as well as valuable input. n2v is a trusted asset to our company and I have the utmost confidence in their ability.”
Rudy Bracamonte, Southwestern Furniture

I work at a small office in Fountain City and Lucas was an individual who assisted me and the office. He was extremely helpful and patient in solving the issue at hand with my new desk phone/Bluetooth setup. He took his time showing me how to use all of the different features and some of the setup so that I would be able to show/teach others in the office should they have any issues or questions with their new phone. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend their services to others!

Amber R.
“We are very happy with our Switchvox phone system. Since we converted to Switchvox, our phone system problems have virtually disappeared and our functionality has increased. N2V Solutions was an instrumental partner in making the purchasing decision, and was amazing during the implementation phase. Their focus on customer service continues to shine, even months after go-live. N2V has been very responsive in troubleshooting and fine tuning our system set-ups. We could not have asked for a better partner in choosing and implementing our new phone system than N2V Solutions, and we could not have made a better choice than to use Switchvox equipment.”
Craig Krause, Plasticomp, Inc
“n2v Solutions has been a great partner for our growing company. From outstanding technical knowledge, to personable and responsive customer service, Brad and his team are always there to provide a sound solution.”
Jackson Gunnarson, Excel Images
Working with Brad Hermsen and the rest of the support & sales staff at n2v
Solutions has been an absolute pleasure for the IT department here at the Westby
Area School District (WASD). They’ve outstanding IT skills & knowledge, and
all of our requests to them for technical support, consultation, and/or sales
assistance – for Sophos and other products & services – have been addressed as
professionally, efficiently, and politely as any customer could hope for.

Bottom line: the folks at n2v Solutions “know their stuff”, and can be relied upon
to provide consistently high quality IT products, solutions and support – WASD recommends them to anyone.

Chris Harris, WASD