We offer a wide range of business phone system solutions to suit every industry for businesses large and small.

n2v Solutions provides a diverse range of business phone system solutions. Our team offers complete support for your business communication needs with our On Site PBX, Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking solutions – so you can get on with running your business efficiently.

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Boost your business productivity with a professional On Site PBX solution.

Features of our On Site PBX systems are outlined below:

Low Cost – Our solutions provide the efficiency of SIP Trunking partnered with a unified communications system with VoiP phones. An Onsite PBX phone system is an inexpensive alternative to the traditional PBX system.

Improved Efficiencies – Clients can communicate everywhere, in every way and with everyone based specifically on the demands of your business. Explore conference call functionality or engage chat facilities all without any additional expense to your business. Getting all these services under one roof is a game changer for any business.

Productivity – Our solutions unify your communication needs, reducing resource requirements and have a flow on effect that boosts your business productivity. Video calling, voice mail, phone calls and chat are streamlined into one single interface, saving time and increasing productivity within the workplace.

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Digium – Phone Systems – to Power Your Business

Need the latest cloud-based phone system for your business?
Check out our n2Voice Hosted PBX system.

The n2Voice Hosted PBX has been created using the world’s most embraced communications platform and is ideal for businesses searching for an efficient cloud-based business solution.

The system offers a wide range of business features that you’d expect from a quality phone system all without the hassle of on-site maintenance.

n2Voice Hosted PBX phone system are suitable for the following situations:

service_image6 A business needs a full-featured phone system without the responsibility of managing a phone system on-site.

service_image6A company with multiple locations seeks extension-to-extension calling functionality, which offers a unified experience to customers.

service_image6 Looking for a pay as you go arrangement allowing the business to add and remove lines as your business needs change.

service_image6 Seeking to entrust your business phone services to an established provider with extensive experience and comprehensive technical support.

Our n2Voice Hosted PBX phone system plans start from the low monthly rate of $29.99 —finding a solution to fit your business needs has never been easier.

Download full product options and pricing.

Get powerful, transparent and controlled communication services with up to 40% cost savings with SIP Trunking.

n2v Solutions delivers high quality Voice over IP(VoIP) communication services for small, medium and large sized businesses.

Get one month of SIP service fro n2v Solutions for free! Click Here To Try SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is simple to install, affordable and best of all presents a business with greater control over their company communication services. A commanding business phone system amplifies the phone system and provides a wide range of benefits for both for the end user and also the company engaging the service.

n2Voice SIP Trunking enables users to make outbound calls from anywhere in the world, receive phone calls using both standard and toll-free phone numbers and allows emergency call functionality.

In effect, users can replace their traditional analog or PRI circuit connections with a single Internet connection — providing improved business capacity and lowering operational costs. Switching to SIP Trunking typically saves users up to 40% over traditional telecommunication costs and allows for a wide range of improved efficiencies.

We offer flexible business plans designed to match your exact corporate requirements. Simply choose from one of our n2Voice plans or speak to one of the team and let us customize a plan that is tailored to your calling requirements.

Custom plans can be created for high-volume users, call centers, auto-dialers, multi-site users, or for application-specific needs. Additional phone numbers and toll-free numbers can be added to your account any time. If you ever need to change your plan, simply visit our website and switch. It’s that simple and best of all, no long-term contracts.

Your business is too important not the receive phone calls!

What do you do when your on-site PBX is down due to unexpected events? If you don’t know, you do now! n2Voice Backup PBX is your solution. Contact us for more details and get fail-over in place (507) 205-4025.

We keep it simple. Below are some details about the service;

How does it work?

  1. We have a phone conversation with you to decide how many phones you would like to provide services for and how you would like the calls to flow
  2. You make changes to your internet firewall to make sure you have a secure connectivity to the n2Voice backup pbx
  3. We help you configure the IP phones you have selected with a secondary SIP registration.
  4. Test to make sure incoming calls ring the required phones
  5. Test to make sure outgoing calls flow correctly and show your correct phone numbers caller ID
  6. Talk to your primary telecom and have them configure the backup forward to the phone number we provide you
  7. Relax with the confidence that you next outage won’t result in any missed calls!

What features do you get?

  1. Automated fail-over and normal recovery to and from backup solution
  2. Customized ring group or call queue
  3. Unlimited number of backup phone registrations (You don’t need to do all your phone if you don’t want to)
  4. Voicemail to email (additional monthly fee per extension)
  5. Customized auto attended (additional monthly fee)

What are the costs?

  1. 1-4 Phones $12 Monthly Per Phone + $10 setup fee per phone
  2. 5-10 Phones $10 Monthly Per Phone + $10 setup fee per phone
  3. 11-20 Phones $8 Monthly Per Phone + $10 setup fee per phone
  4. Custom Auto-Attendant $15 Monthly + $50 setup fee
  5. Voicemail to email $5 Monthly per phone + $5 setup fee per phone
  6. Monthly metered rates $.04 per minute for US and Canada incoming and outgoing calling
  • You get billed monthly for services and only billed per minute rates when the service is used.
  • If you are already a SIP Trunk customer using our n2Voice SIP Trunk service in addition to the DR feature you already receive you get an additional $1 off each phone!


We can also provide SIP Trunk fail-over if you want to provide system wide protection. Please contact us for more information. (507) 205-4025

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Need more information from the n2v Solutions team or want to discuss developing a tailored solution for your business? Please contact one of our knowledgeable team members today at (507) 205-4025 or email info@n2vs.com

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